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ADP AdvancedMD's iPad app will now feature new charge capture functionality, allowing the hundreds of medical practitioners already use the app to digitalize charge entry process, saving on time and cutting down on charges. Supported on all the iPads, physicians can be glad that today's devices allow them to easily slip them into a lab coat pocket leaving them free to perform their life saving duties.
Bad news for GE Healthcare workers in Vermont. The company, which specializes in information technology for the healthcare industry, announced last Thursday that it plans to lay off about 10 percent of its workforce in the state. The company promised, however, to try to find "alternate roles" for those who lose their jobs.
Connect 4 Healthcare is one of those companies that has been working in the healthcare technology industry for quite a while, and has long leaned on a program many may not even realize exists. The company has long had a multi-threaded mass notification that works to notify people of emergency situations when they first arise.
Isn't this just one of those old fables circa the 90's that had us all riled up for a bit, or is this a health concern that really needs to be taken into consideration? While the issue of cell phone safety has been a hot topic of debate for years, this hasn't seemed to stop us from nearly gluing our hand-held gadgets to our ears for 24x7 access. As our dependency on mobile devices has skyrocketed over recent years, so too has the concern over radiation, as manufacturers have been increasingly putting warning labels on their phones.

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