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November 16, 2012

Do We Really Need to Worry about Cell Phone Radiation?

Isn’t this just one of those old fables circa the 90’s that had us all riled up for a bit, or is this a health concern that really needs to be taken into consideration? While the issue of cell phone safety has been a hot topic of debate for years, this hasn’t seemed to stop us from nearly gluing our hand-held gadgets to our ears for 24x7 access. As our dependency on mobile devices has skyrocketed over recent years, so too has the concern over radiation, as manufacturers have been increasingly putting warning labels on their phones.

The only thing is – you got it – no one in their right mind is willing to give up their cell phone completely, even if that means potentially compromising their health.

One company, Aulterra, is looking to lighten this load by introducing its all-new Neutralizer, which neutralizes cell phone radiation to safe levels for users’ peace of mind and safety. It appears as a small, flat device that adheres to your cell phone and can even be hidden underneath cell phone cases.

As the leading cell phone radiation neutralizer manufacturer, the new Aulterra Neutralizer has now been introduced to U.S. markets as a small, holographic disc which has been scientifically proven to help significantly reduce the harmful neutralizing effects of electromagnetic waves transmitted by cell phone devices.

“Growing evidence suggests that electromagnetic fields (EMF) can break or nick DNA strands. This phenomenon is known to be associated with cancer,” explained Glen Rein, PhD, of the Quantum Biology Laboratories and Stanford University professor, in a statement. Rein’s research demonstrated that with the Aulterra Neutralizer, there is a reduction in the in-Vitro Electromagnetic Field Effect of Cell Phones on Human DNA.

“The most significant finding from the research showed that with the Aulterra Neutralizer, the effect of the cell phone radiation on DNA rewinding is 95 percent reversed when an Aulterra Neutralizer was attached to the cell phone.  Without the Aulterra Neutralizer the electromagnetic fields from the cell phone produced a 40% increase (relative to control values) in the DNA rewinding rate. This effect of the cell phone radiation is highly statistically significant compared to the untreated control.”

Going above and beyond standard radiation blockers or absorbers, Aulterra answers this age-old health question with its enhanced new neutralizer, which conversely works to literally change the manmade frequencies into coherent, harmless ones.

So remember to stay safe and protect yourself when concerning cell phone radiation levels! Clearly, this is an issue worth staying on top of.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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