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November 20, 2012

ADP AdvancedMD Adds Real-Time Charge Capture Functionality to its iPad App

ADP AdvancedMD’s iPad app will now feature new charge capture functionality, allowing the hundreds of medical practitioners already use the app to digitalize charge entry process, saving on time and cutting down on charges. Supported on all the iPads, physicians can be glad that today’s devices allow them to easily slip them into a lab coat pocket leaving them free to perform their life saving duties.

Statistics show that with the addition of a single hospital branch or clinic, the risk from missing paper charge or entering them into the billing system late costs hospitals $200-400 per patient charge. Thanks to AdvancedMD capture app, physicians can now do real time billing and submission irrespective of where they are located.

By taking care of track procedure codes, AdvancedMD lets the doctor focus on the real job, patient care. In addition to this, the new feature will also help simplify workflow and reduce days in account receivable (A/R).

The app, initially launched in July 2012, became popular with many institutions and individual physicians. This, according to Raul Villar, the president of ADP AdvancedMD, has created the necessary motivation into working towards the creation of the fastest and the most user-friendly iPad charge slip entry in the market.

Lara Bruneau is one happy MD who believes that the charge capture on the iPad has simplified how he charges his patients. He says, “The review bin helps me reduce clicks so now all my charges are completed while I see patients and I'm able to go home half an hour earlier. Billing includes more detail and modifiers than I've had before. I'm now coding properly from the start, which means cleaner claims submissions and faster reimbursement."

The capabilities are freely available with an ADP AdvancedMD subscription. Physicians now have a tool to help them do their work more efficiently while on the go, thanks to the ADP AdvancedMD iPad app.

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Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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