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March 29, 2023

Hopping Toward Hope: Zephyr AI and KangarooHealth Enter a Multi-Year Partnership to Support Patients and Clinicians

At this year’s ITEXPO (held this past February in Fort Lauderdale, Florida), the opportunity to absorb the latest industry data and legitimately fascinating perspectives was such a breath of fresh air. I felt like a feral sponge, drinking everything in and feeling better for it.

While attending a Medical Internet of Things (MIoT) session at the expo, I learned quite a lot about how cutting-edge technologies can impact healthcare.

Then, I got to thinking about AI, specifically.

AI is able to introduce numerous benefits to the healthcare industry; these include (but aren’t limited to) AI analyzing massive amounts of data (e.g. from medical records, lab results, and imaging scans) for more timely and improved diagnostics, the automation of routine tasks like scheduling appointments and processing insurance claims, cost-savings and data-based treatment plans personalized for specific patients and much more.

This lead to me to recent news from Zephyr AI, a diverse team of science-appreciative luminaries that develops tools for extending and improving the quality of patients’ lives, saving payers and providers money, and enabling clinicians to confidently predict and prevent adverse medical events. Zephyr AI is also building novel, transparent AI in order to address unmet needs across the spectrum of precision medicine.

Zephyr AI announced a partnership with KangarooHealth, a HIPAA and SOC2-certified company that empowers care teams to capture patient health progress with actionable insights, enable timely triage, retain long-term patient engagement, and improve financial performances.

A healthcare technology company like KangarooHealth can provide AI-assisted turn-key remote patient monitoring and care management services intelligently, so KangarooHealth partnering with Zephyr AI makes a ton of sense.

Via this multi-year partnership, Zephyr AI and KangarooHealth will work to provide as many clinicians as possible with valuable insights that can be used to inform treatment decisions for patients diagnosed with chronic conditions. By combining Zephyr AI’s ML technology with KangarooHealth’s proprietary platform, top-tier predictive solutions for clinicians can be achieved.  Said platform will be integrated into Zephyr AI’s ML models to leverage innovational algorithms that forecast the development of disease and what outcomes may be encountered. Data from KangarooHealth’s comprehensive platform includes blood pressure monitors, blood glucose monitors and MIoT wearables; these will accelerate Zephyr AI’s capabilities homed in on reshaping precise medical approaches.

“The opportunity to pair Zephyr’s ML platform with real-world data from a cutting-edge partner like KangarooHealth is tremendous,” said David L. Morgan II, CEO of Zephyr AI. “Together, we can help clinicians to better anticipate and address patients’ needs and deliver improved individual health outcomes.”

“We are creating a whole new dynamic in patient care,” said Dr. Xiaoxu Kang, CEO of KangarooHealth. “By combining accurate patient insights that have been generated using smart biometric devices with the ability to predict the trajectory of an illness, we aim to deliver physicians a list of options to identify warning signs and plan into early intervention opportunities for mitigating adverse events, thereby significantly helping prevent catastrophic outcomes.”

In a world where a deadly pandemic was just wrestled, diseases are still being fought, and emergency crises are being handled daily, anything to help those in the medical field should be a win. Fingers are surely crossed for Zephyr AI and KangarooHealth.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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