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July 07, 2022

Habits That Help Increase Your Mental Clarity

Realistically, there are no two ways about – the pace and detail demanded by present-day civilization is enough to leave someone entirely drained by the end of the day. The only thing is, they are going to turn around and do it all again the very next day, and the day after that. This only begins to feel more and more unceasing as the years roll by. This intense monotony is enough to eat away at the mental clarity once held by those fresh out of college. The loss of this can quickly cause a job to turn from treading water to fighting for air. Seeing as no one wants their livelihood to become a fight or flight simulation, staying in control of your own mental clarity is wise. Author Amy Pendergrass spoke to this, “We are often so consumed with all of the stressful aspects of our life that we forget to take a moment to sit down, reevaluate our situation, and search for a sense of well-being, creativity, and… well, clarity."

There is more than one way to go about shoring up one’s mental clarity. Thankfully, some methods have proven more effective than others and these have been gathered below.

Physical activity

Stephanie Venn-Watson is the CEO of Seraphina Therapeutics, a brand offering essential fatty acid supplements. She suggests prioritizing exercise because it is helpful for brain function.

“For as important as the relationship between physical activity and brain health is, it seems many people fail to realize this. We could get a lot more technical than this, but your brain runs on oxygen and blood flow is what brings this to the brain. When we are engaged in physical activity, our blood begins to pump faster to compensate for additional strain on the body. In the long run, this leads to healthier blood flow which your brain will love. The beauty of physical activity is there is no wrong answer – whatever your preference is will do just fine for achieving brain health.”

Organize your day

Often, brain fog can be something we create entirely on our own. Greater Than is a business providing natural electrolyte drinks for nursing moms. Their CEO and Co-Founder, Mark Sider, advises others to add structure to their lives to keep said fog at bay.

“In my experience, one of the larger symptoms of mental fogginess is constantly trying to find the next task to accomplish. Or, even worse, forgetting about a task completely. The fact of the matter is, if you want to avoid either of these, you need to be diligent about organizing your day. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate like a minute-by-minute guide. But having a thorough understanding of what your day entails before diving into will help you stay on target.”

Think about your diet

Haven Athletic specializes in organized gym bags. Their CEO, Caleb Ulffers, considers food to have an incredible influence on the brain.

“If you really wanted to, you could spend hours and find endless scientific data to support the idea that healthy food is foundational to a brain operating at peak capacity. But, instead, you should spend even a sliver of that time thinking about your diet. The reality is that you and you alone are responsible for making sure that healthy food becomes a staple in your life. As you probably know, there’s a laundry list of reasons to eat healthy but this one just might take the cake. Finally, should all this inspire you to try to make a change overnight, it will come back to bite you. And it will set your brain back so make a process out of this change.”

Get more sleep

Chandler Rogers is the CEO of Relay, a brand offering a strong support system. He cautions others not to neglect the amount of rest they are getting each night.

“Have you ever noticed that when you lose sleep, your overall performance regardless of the situation suffers? This is not a coincidence. Whenever we decide that sleep just isn’t necessary enough for us to set aside eight hours for it, we’ve elected to trade away some of our mental clarity. Therefore, it’s in everyone’s best interest to simply get more sleep. Do whatever it takes to prioritize this and the mental results you’re looking for will roll in, even if that means turning off the auto-play on your favorite streaming service.”

Turn off your electronics

Our modern devices have proven useful time and again. Practice Health is a business providing mental healthcare. Their CEO, Drake Ballew, proposes setting them aside to clear the mind.

“In my opinion, a bigger cause for the lack of mental clarity is distractions, things that pull us away from whatever is taking place in the present moment. On top of this, I don’t think there is a bigger distraction than the electronic devices each of us have on a daily basis. Between the constant notifications, the apps we regularly feel like checking, and the addictive nature of them, they can be hard to put away. But trust me, once you get a taste of what a break from electronics can go for your mental clarity, you’ll see why it’s so great.”

Find some sunlight

Nue Life specializes in mental wellness. Their Co-Founder and CEO, Juan Pablo Cappello, believes natural light can be a massive benefit to anyone seeking to increase their mental clarity.

“If you’re not constantly running in health circles, the sheer number of products, ideas, and terminology associated with how to improve your health can be overwhelming to say the least. A quick Google search to help increase your mental clarity will send you on a much longer wild goose chase than you likely have time for. To avoid all the jargon and confusion initially, start with getting vitamin D by finding some sunlight. Honestly, you might notice a shift in mental clarity after just a day or two. But over time, it will become significant.”

With how many ideas have been presented throughout this writing, it is understandable if you are feeling mental fog at this present moment. The good news is that now you have the tools to handle it. Musician Billy Cox provided convincing backup for clarity as a whole, “Clarity is power. The more clear you are about what you want the more likely you are to achieve it”

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