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November 29, 2021

Discover the Latest in Healthcare for 2022

Healthcare brands have begun to make huge strides in the last few years. Prior to the pandemic, consumers were struggling to find skin care products, supplements and pain solutions that were not only natural but scientifically researched and tested for their effectiveness. There has been a woeful lack of transparency in this industry for a long time, but with the rise in direct to consumer business, brands are able to create products that meet their high level of expectations for the safety and effectiveness of their products. Consumers want products that contain safe ingredients and are honest about their products effectiveness and usage. The consumer healthcare industry is initiating a huge change in the way we think about health care for ourselves and the ones we love. Consumers should have access to affordable and safe products designed to treat patients rather than sell products. This article will introduce several brands providing game-changing products and services aimed at making our lives more comfortable and joyful!

CBD for Pets

CBD is known for it’s healing, relaxation and pain relief properties in humans. As it turns out, animals also have an endocannabinoid system meaning that they too can benefit from appropriate doses of CBD for chronic issues such as anxiety and pain. CBD for dogs with chronic issues may be a great solution over expensive vet visits and hard to administer pain medications. CBD tinctures are easily administered and CBD balm is an even better choice for old dogs who have joint and muscle pains. These natural solutions are affordable and accessible for anyone who has a pet struggling with chronic health issues such as pain, stiff joints, or anxiety.

Total T

For men looking to bulk up and get in top shape at the gym, they’re probably always on the search for new supplement formulas to help their performance levels. Total T is a new formula by Nugenix that promises a scientifically researched and transparent formula that promotes natural and total testosterone boosting to help you perform better when you work out! Testosterone helps promote muscle production and boosts energy levels and vitality in those that take it. This is great for men wanting to get back on track with their workout routines and get the best results they can with the cleanest formula available.  

Senior Care

Our seniors are the population that needs the most care and attention, especially today with new and dangerous viruses taking the world by storm. If the last two years have taught us anything, it's that our healthcare system is strained. There are too many of us in need of essential physical, mental and emotional care, especially as we reach old age and our bodies begin to decline. Waltham Clinic offers behavioral health, pain management and speciality care for adults living in assisted living facilities. These services are becoming more and more common in the senior care community, offering a much needed addition to already existing care facilities that may be overwhelmed with the amount of patients they have. Chronic issues that arise for senior patients are frustrating and extremely uncomfortable for them. This service aims to fight for better care in our old age.

Clean Medication

Many of us have grown up taking standard medications for common ailments. Nyquil for colds, Advil for headaches and pain relief, cough syrup for a frog in the throat. Many of these medications work with their active ingredients, but often contain additional chemicals and ingredients that actually make us more sick. Genexa, the world’s first clean medicine company is offering for the first time clean versions of all of these medications. They have a clean solution for antacid medication, allergy pills, and pain relief pills. They’re products for kids are especially attractive, promising clean and organic ingredients to help you and your family feel a little better about trying to feel better!

This is a major game-changer for at home care, with most of the focus in revamping labels and ingredients being in supplement and nutrition companies. This version of clean medications is sure to make other companies start thinking in the same vein. Simple pain medication shouldn’t include unnecessary chemical additions that ultimately do more harm than good.

Compression Socks

Compression socks are an amazing commodity that help with blood flow, pain and swelling, and keep our legs from getting achy and sore. They may even help with viscous and spider veins and can aleve that light headed feeling from standing up too fast. They help with circulation, which is a great thing to have especially for pregnant women. The best compression socks for pregnant women will help them relieve feet and ankle swelling and promote good circulation to the whole body. They will also help with leg cramping and daily energy levels, compression socks are a perfect healthcare commodity for pregnant women.

Compression socks are also a great product for anyone who works from home, especially during the colder months when we might be resting more often. Compression socks will help ease aches and pains due to long periods of sitting and laying down.

Oral Hygiene

Direct to consumer brands have made way for a ton of amazing new oral care products that are becoming more widely available to the public. The Waterpik is an amazing new device that uses water pressure to dig bacteria out from between your gums and teeth, a place that is difficult for traditional flossing and brushing to get to. It’s similar to the devices used in dental offices, but now is offered in a much more portable form suitable for any bathroom or space you have to use it in! Small bathrooms are no problem with Waterpik, as there are many models that can accommodate smaller or larger setups. This is perfect for those who live in an apartment and have limited space available to them for bulky products.

            Healthcare products are increasingly geared towards improving the way they are advertised and what they are used for. The personal healthcare industry is moving fast towards a more transparent and honest industry, where customers can feel confident in the purchases they are making to improve their lives and well being. CBD products, for example, have only just started to become a viable and widely used product. This is due to improvements in research and extraction techniques that have improved over years of testing different formulas.

The healthcare industry is improving steadily with technology, but much of this technology has already existed for years. It’s only now that we are seeing the results of research in medication ingredients, for example. Or in home oral hygiene, to provide another example. These products are lightyears ahead of where they were even just five years ago and that’s in no small part due to the demand of consumers wanting more viable and honest products available to them. Supplements and over the counter medications are huge proprietors of using sneaky ingredients and false claims of effectiveness. It’s only in recent years that we’ve seen companies tackling issues of transparency not just in prescribed medications, but also in over the counter medications for common ailments and discomforts. This upheaval in honestly printed labels and transparent healthcare brands is creating a renaissance in personal healthcare for the modern consumer.


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