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July 13, 2021

How AI Is Shaping the Future of Medicine and Reducing the Risk of Health Hazards?

The advancement of technology and the development of new structures have led to the evolution of healthcare operations.

These advancements are not only helping to empower patients but are also providing new opportunities for healthcare suppliers and providers. The demand for personalization is on the rise, and the new eHealth technology companies are meeting the same.

The change in behavior and demand is triggering the up-gradation of preventive models and treatment and integration with connected devices. The snowball effect on the need for transformation and innovation is evident.

Crowdsourcing has been in use to solve some of the greatest debacles in history. One such company that is using crowdsourcing to find solutions to our health problems is

The platform tries to help people find the most effective treatments for them by analyzing real-world data.

How does it work? By filling a survey, people with chronic conditions share the experiences. Advanced machine learning algorithms analyze the data and churn out functional insights for each condition community to review and use. Ultimately, with enough data, the aim is for the insights to become highly personalized.

In each community, members have the option to discuss and pose research questions of their own, thereby helping to gain even more insights.

Sopris Health

Sopris Health, a Denver-based eHealth company, offers artificial intelligence-powered solutions for healthcare.

Their solution automates the process of collection, categorization, analysis, and documentation of the patient’s data.

The patient’s data includes his/her prevailing symptoms, medical history, and findings. A smart device collects, inspects, and gathers feedback and insights.

This approach helps minimize the risk of contamination of patients and doctors due to physical checkups. Also, it helps keep the hospital free to attend the patients who need urgent attention.

Roam Analytics

Artificial intelligence can now take over patient management. The current versions allow them to record and maintain patient medical records. It helps in ease of access and convenience by storing, processing, transforming, and indexing data of all sorts.

Roam Analytics, a US-based company has built an AI system for the Healthcare sector. The platform uses NLP or Natural Language Processing for enhancing the structure and content of the patient’s medical records.

Roam Analytics also uses other AI tools to analyze and store data.


Artificial Intelligence is creating a completely fresh approach towards the detection and diagnosis of diseases. Though traditional methods are well equipped and quite effective, the rise of AI is making diagnosis easier.

AI systems rely on machine learning and historical data for predicting and identifying the sickness at a nascent stage. It allows more effective treatment for the patient.

Artelus is an India-based AI-powered platform. Artelus can detect diabetic retinopathy in under three minutes. Thereby, rendering it to be faster than the medical professionals. It also helps in the early detection of breast, lung cancer, and tuberculosis.

Artificial intelligence besides helping us with mundane medical tasks is also helping to be a smart patient assistant.

It is particularly very useful for helping patients with chronic diseases who need long remote care. It helps in forming mutually beneficial and protracted relationships with patients. has an AI-based virtual nurse by the name of Molly. Molly helps to monitor patients, gather feedback, and symptoms from an individual. It uses NLP and machine learning to suggest treatment.


The development of medicine through traditional ways takes significant time and investment. The aftermath of a new disease requires the ability to cut short this time and produce medicine as soon as possible.

Machine learning along with AI’s deep learning algorithms help cut this time and save a lot of vital lives. AI studies the known medications and drug properties, matches their action formulas with each other, and helps generate solutions on how to form effective new medications to tackle the new disease.

Atomwise works on the above principle and helps find a cure for new diseases.

Appto Health

Medical professionals often spend a lot of time on mundane repetitive tasks such as examination of scans, tests, or X-rays. This is also accompanied by data entry jobs associated with the diagnosis.

Artificial intelligence helps address such tasks by automation of low-skilled jobs and elimination of human error.

Appto Health care helps in front office automation through its artificial intelligence platform. The services can be handy for clinics and healthcare service providers to

  • Schedule patient appointments
  • Gather patient feedback
  • Answer organizational questions

and a lot more via AI-powered bot and their phones.

The advancements of AI will lead to a greater dependence on them in the days ahead. They have already been useful to aid in various medical fields. With more research and innovation, we can only expect a more engaging and effective use of AI for healthcare in the future.

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