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May 05, 2020

Doximity Delivers First Telemedicine Solution

COVID-19 shifted priorities, sent the workforce home and is pushing healthcare to its limits. In this transition from face-to-face to virtual, medical professionals require the right tools, namely HIPAA compliant, mobile, telemedicine solutions.

Today, Doximity announced its first telemedicine solution, Doximity Dialer Video. The offering enables patients and doctors to securely video conference via Android or iOS device and is free through January 2021.

"I have been a Doximity member for years, and I've successfully used their tools to connect and communicate with my patients privately, and in compliance with HIPAA regulations," shared Munir Janmohamed, MD, FACC, FHFSA, Medical Director of Advanced Heart Failure at Dignity Health Sacramento. "Now with Dialer Video, I can easily do telemedicine visits right from my smartphone. It's reliable, secure and a very simple solution for my patients.  It's incredibly helpful to be able to see them through a video call. This is reassuring for patients and helps me make a better clinical assessment of how they're doing."

With Doximity Dialer Video all calls are encrypted, never recorded and kept private to ensure HIPAA compliance. Epic Haiku integration allows for caregivers to leverage the Epic app to call patients. And, doctors can create a custom CallerID so that the doctor’s personal number is protected, and patients know to answer the call. Physicians put the solution through the paces, with over one million video calls from over 100,000 doctors during the beta phase.

"Dialer Video is simple, fast and compatible with any smartphone. Physicians can now easily select a video call in the Doximity app with one click.  Patients are then sent a text message inviting them to talk. As soon as they accept, they are transported to a video chat with their doctor, " noted Joel Davis, senior vice president and head of product at Doximity.  "Doctors on the front lines asked us for a secure and reliable telemedicine tool, and we moved quickly to fulfill that need."

Telemedicine is playing a crucial role in overcoming the COVID-19, and Doximity is determined to be central to those efforts.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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