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January 11, 2017

Everbridge Provides Connection for Better Healthcare

Communications are a vital part of operations for healthcare systems, from calling emergency assistance from one part of a building to another to passing records and working to spot potential problems before such occur. For Doctors Hospital at Renaissance Health System (DHRHS), a need for improvement in communications within the organization meant a new turn to Everbridge, which brought in a solution that gave DHRHS a lot of extra communications capability.

More specifically, DHRHS tapped Everbridge for its CareConverge tool, a system that provides better response during and preparedness for emergency situations. It's also set to offer better team coordination that's sufficiently secure to meet HIPAA regulations. CareConverge's features boast not only mass notification systems, but also incident communications tools for more specific contact.

Throw in desktop alert systems, on-call scheduling options, and even the HipaaBridge system for handling communications in a fashion that keeps HIPAA regulations satisfied, and the end result is a powerful new communications option. Since Everbridge already delivers its services to over 800 hospitals, it has a great handle on what the needs on the ground are, and that makes CareConverge a tool likely to succeed in a healthcare setting.

Everbridge's CEO Jaime Ellertson commented, “For Doctors Hospital at Renaissance Health System, it is critical that the medical center leverages the latest emergency and incident management technology. The most important part of being prepared for a potential crisis is knowing how you will share information with decision-makers, staff and patients alike – so it can be done quickly and easily when the situation arises. With Everbridge in place, the center will be able to automate this process, connecting all of these parties and keeping them informed in near real-time.”

Communications is the lifeblood of any business. From accountants to plumbers to, yes, healthcare, being able to keep in touch with all elements of the operation and moving according to needs on the ground is perhaps the ultimate answer to the question of how a business runs. With healthcare operations, there are many extra rules and regulations involved, so not just any communications system can do. That's what makes Everbridge's CareConverge so powerful; it offers those needful tools, while at the same time satisfying regulatory demand.

Good news for the users and for the target market, in the end, as DHRHS gets a powerful new communications tool and Everbridge adds another client to its already extensive roster. That combination should prove welcome for the patient as well, making this an excellent move all around.

Edited by Alicia Young

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