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March 03, 2016

TigerConnect Now Supports Secure Speech Recognition Software

TigerConnect is already considered one of the top secure messaging platforms for healthcare developers around, but the company has just announced those developers will be able to make their secure messaging apps even better. The company announced late last week that these developers will be able to get access to top notch speech recognition tools powered by Nuance Dragon Medical One.

Using this particular solution, developers will be able to build applications that use speech tools that are near the top of the field. These apps will be able to translate a health care provider’s speech into a detailed clinical message. This kind of solution makes it that much easier for providers to communicate with each other, as well as their patient. This also leads to more time spent with the patient and less time spent checking or double-checking patient records.

"Dragon Medical and TigerConnect are both focused on providing the tools healthcare organizations need to work smarter," Itamar Kandel, President of TigerConnect, said in a recent release. "We're excited to see healthcare developers leverage this integrated solution to advance care delivery in new and innovative ways.”

Speech recognition technology is one of those technologies that seems to have a ton of different uses, but the tech world hasn’t quite figured out all the ways in which it can help. The healthcare industry is one of those that are starting to see just how valuable this technology can actually be. Providers need to communicate faster and better; these same providers are finding that they need to be able to do it from afar. Technology like the one that TigerConnect can offer makes life easier for healthcare providers the world over because they no longer have to sit down and write a bunch of reports. The speech recognition software allows those providers to focus on medicine.

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