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January 13, 2016

Fusion's Cloud Solutions Expand Healthcare Organization

The ability to access healthcare information in real-time is one of the many benefits to integrating information and communications technologies (ICT) in medicine. Whether it is asking for a second opinion from a colleague on the spot, or looking at the medication history of a patient for possible negative drug interactions, real-time information has dramatically improved the delivery of care. In order to improve its operations, Primary Healthcare Organization has connected three of its 12 primary care health centers to Fusion’s cloud for a fully integrated suite of solutions.

According to Fusion, the new contract was finalized by Fidelty Voice and Data “Fidelty,” provider of cloud voice, cloud connectivity, security, data center and cloud storage services,  a company it acquired in December of 2015 for $30 million.

With the deployment of the Fusion cloud platform, the 50 physicians that are part of the Primary Healthcare Organization will now be able to integrate all of their communications, connectivity and computing needs in a single comprehensive suite of cloud services. The cloud deployment will give the healthcare organization the flexibility and scalability it needs to expand the services to its remaining nine facilities.

Fusion was chosen to replace a complex multi-vendor communications environment with its optimized cloud-based solution, simple management ecosystem, cost efficiency and ease of deployment.

Fusion has solution specifically geared to the healthcare industry by addressing compliance issues for cloud deployments with secure and encrypted HIPAA/HITECH compliant data transfer and storage to the cloud. The company uses NSA-certified Unisys Stealth Cybersecurity solution developed for the Department of Defense (DOD) to protect data in motion as well as at rest. This not only ensure safe migration to the cloud, but it extends stealth security for mobile device in BYOD environments where sensitive patient information is being transmitted.

It also enables fully transparent, auditable outcome and compliance management with complete reporting, along with security certifications in Type II SAS 70, SOC 2, and PCI DSS 1.2.

Healthcare operators have access to full EHR and telehealth solutions to deliver new generation remote health services. The platform makes additional medical options available with advanced private and hybrid/community cloud solutions with vendor neutral archive/ imaging, clinical information system/EMR and large-scale hospital implementation projects.

 “Fidelity has earned a reputation for service excellence that clearly resonates with this rapidly expanding primary healthcare facility, and we are confident that Fusion's fully integration solution will allow it to focus on what it does best -- deliver the highest levels of comprehensive, compassionate patient care," said Russell P. Markman, Fusion's President of Business Services.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere
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