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August 14, 2015

Frasier Meadows Adopts Ericom's AccessNow

Ericom has slowly been building itself up over the last few years as one of the more trusted firms when it comes to application access and desktop virtualization services. The strides the firm has made recently were underlined when a Colorado based CCRC living facility named Frasier Meadows official deployed Ericom’s AccessNow platform.

The living facility has said that it chose Ericom over a number of other companies that deal with complex virtual private networks system because it wanted to be able to give non-employee physicians the ability to have more flexibility when it comes to using their devices to access patient information from devices such as an iPad or a laptop. This particular solution from Ericom will be able to operate quite easily and naturally with another program the facility is already running.

Frasier Meadows is using Answers on Demand (AOD) which is an application that is being used by more than 800 nursing homes and long-term care facilities around the country. "We wanted to make it really easy for doctors to open up a browser and get to work with AOD," Jerry Frohlich, IT System Specialist at Frasier Meadows said in a recent statement. "Ericom has made this possible. By simply entering a URL or clicking a saved link, the doctors can go straight into the AOD login screen; they don't even see a remote desktop – just the app they need.”

Now that Frasier Meadows is using AccessNow, the company will be able to have peace of mind in knowing that there is zero installation or maintenance costs on the endpoint devices. That means that not only will it be easier for the people who are using their own devices, it also means that there will be less calls to the IT department. That means that the IT department can focus on other things. In short, this kind of solution will allow greater efficiency all the way around.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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