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September 23, 2014

McKesson Releases New Software to Enable Holistic Patient Care

Today, many healthcare systems are moving towards a platform centered around effective care management within large populations. McKesson, an American company focusing on pharmaceuticals and health information technology, has released a product focused on a new type of care management and workflow documentation solution- McKesson Care Manager.

McKesson Care Manager is an analytics-informed management software designed to cater to patient needs using a holistic approach. The software is designed to support risk contracting-helping medical professionals create targeted care management programs for patients.

The software uses evidence-based care plans to treat patients. Everyone has a different lifestyle, the more you know about a patient the better treatment plan can be created. It can uncover different needs, and provide a broader scope of the patient’s health. For example, some patients with chronic illness may not have access to transportation to and from medical appoints-knowing this information will help care provides create a plan that caters to this specific need.

The care management software provides a workflow that can search through clinical data and suggest which patients would be a good fit for different care management programs. This feature can help healthcare providers better manage their schedule and patients.

St. Vincent’s Health Partners, Inc. located in Bridgeport, Conn., worked with Mckesson Care Manager as the beta partner. Dr. Michael Hunt, CMO/CMIO, St. Vincent’s Health Partners commented on the positive experience SVHP had with Mckesson’s services.

“McKesson Care Manager helps us identify and manage patients needing high levels of care and intervention. Our care teams are able to stay connected to their patients and actively influence them to close care gaps and improve outcomes,” stated Hunt. “The success we achieve reflects directly on the health of the community we serve. We’ve seen the cost of care decrease substantially while improving the patient’s quality of life when we aggressively manage the patient’s care using a unified care plan.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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