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September 19, 2013

Inovalon Analytics Will Now Integrate Allscripts' EHR Platform

Inovalon, Inc., a company that provides data solutions for healthcare facilities, has recently announced an agreement with Allscripts – a publicly-traded Illinois-based company that provides electronic health record (EHR) technology for healthcare providers. In this agreement, Inovalon will be allowed to include Allscripts' powerful EHR platform into its own advanced healthcare analytics software to provide its customers with the latest technology meant to improve their financial performance and healthcare outcomes.

In the healthcare industry, there are three players at work: the payer (insurance companies), the provider (healthcare institutions), and the patient (the customer). In order for a healthcare ecosystem to fully work, all three have to be accounted for and satisfied. This kind of harmony is difficult to achieve without the aid of technologies that help the provider navigate the difficult climate put forth by government rules, which sometimes impede these institutions from doing their jobs. With Inovalon's new agreement, the company will be able to assess risks and improve the quality of its platform's interaction with Allscripts' EHR software. All processes will be more effective and customers will observe the emphasis on speedy delivery.

Keith Dunleavy, M.D., CEO of Inovalon, said, “Payers and providers increasingly enter into shared risk relationships to improve clinical and quality outcomes as well as financial performance within the broader healthcare environment. We are pleased to be working with Allscripts to bring these technological advancements to payers and clinicians across the country.”

Regulatory matters are only going to get worse as new challenges face the market in coming years. Healthcare providers will have to adapt by using certain technologies that can help them lift the veil behind the piles of legislation. Doing so will reduce their overhead costs and let them focus on providing care to patients. Failure is not an option and efficiency is a must as the belt gets tighter around the waists of both providers and payers.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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