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July 15, 2013

New Solution from CRG Medical Facilitates Patient Safety Data Collection in Secure Environment

CRG Medical Inc. announced on Wednesday that it had released its KBCore solution, designed to be used in medical facilities. The combination of app and small tablet will allow more efficient and secure recording of patient safety information.

Based in Houston, Texas, CRG Medical develops medical technology solutions emphasizing patient safety.

One of the biggest concerns in any medical environment is HIPAA compliance. This means collecting and maintaining patient data in a way that protects their privacy. The popularity of BYOD, combined with the need for data security in medical facilities, is cause for concern with many administrators.

“The growing ‘BYOD’ movement poses security issues for hospitals in particular, as more medical personnel are using personal devices, like smartphones, in the workplace to manage confidential information, such as patient safety data,” said Douglas Dotan, CRG Medical president and CEO. “The MioCARE Tablet, preloaded with the KBCore Purple Button interoperability application, provides doctors with a viable means of securely storing and transferring encrypted information in real time, while giving them the power to take a more proactive approach to patient safety.”

Because the KBCore solution uses MioCARE's A105 tablet to collect data, security is much better than in a BYOD environment. The A105 is about the same size as a smartphone and runs on Android 4.0, but is actually a small tablet device preloaded with KBCore Purple Button software. It can only function within the confines of the medical institution it's configured for. Patient safety data is also encrypted before being transferred to a Patient Safety Evaluation System (PSES).

A patient safety event (PSE) is an incident due to an act of omission or commission by medical staff that adversely affects a patient's safety. This information can be recorded using the A105 and Purple Button app and is communicated between electronic health record (EHR) and the PSES. The process of inputting event information is automated with the use of barcode scanning or voice recognition technology and is much less error-prone than paper based forms.

Hospitals and other medical facilities are in a never-ending fight to keep healthcare costs down. These organizations must also do everything possible to protect patient privacy, track negative events accurately and take appropriate action. CRG Medical has developed a powerful solution that appears to accomplish those objectives and put medical administrators’ minds more at ease.

Edited by Alisen Downey
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