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May 03, 2011

Healthcare Technology and News: Rubbermaid Announces Expansion into Telehealth Space with MEDI PORT Solution

Rubbermaid Healthcare, the premier provider of clinical workstations and mobile computing solutions for healthcare facilities, in collaboration with C PORT Solutions, has introduced the MEDI PORT solution.

A line of powerful mobile computing platforms, MEDI PORT combines high-definition video, audio and web conferencing, and interactive white board technology onto a single mobile device that can be rolled anywhere, including the OR, ER, hospital ward, or outpatient clinic.

The device allows remote medical specialists to view patients and provide expert counsel, especially important for rural clinics and field hospitals with limited medical staff.

“We are very excited about our expansion into the telehealth space as well as our collaboration with C PORT Solutions to support this endeavor,” said Dave Pirkle, president of Rubbermaid Healthcare, in a press release. “Our goal as an organization is ‘to increase the capacity to care’ and that’s exactly what we’re setting out to do with the launch of the MEDI PORT solution. The mobility that the solution enables will help to ensure that everyone has access to the healthcare they need.”

With the help of the device, live surgeries can be shared remotely for purposes of mentoring and training. In addition, better diagnoses are enabled via bedside access to patient data and web-based resources.

The MEDI PORT solution, by bridging the gap between the procedure room and access to the information and expertise required to ensure quality patient care, helps doctors and other medical experts to collaborate, communicate, and apply their knowledge to those who need it at a time and place where they need it most.

“We are proud to partner with Rubbermaid Healthcare and together, have specially configured Rubbermaid’s industry-leading medical cart to create the MEDI PORT,” said Lee Hicks, founder and CEO of C PORT Solutions in a release. “We’ve taken an advanced, affordable, easy-to-use platform for telemedicine and telehealth and made it mobile, resulting in a powerful platform that goes anywhere you need it. We look forward to working with Rubbermaid Healthcare to deliver products and solutions that are life-changing and life-enhancing.”

In related news, Rubbermaid Medical Solutions announced the winners of its Capacity to Care Nursing Award.

Deepika Mala is a contributing editor for HealthTechZone. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by John Lahtinen

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