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March 02, 2011

Healthcare Technology and News: Smartphone Healthcare Growing Globally

Back in 2010, a study conducted by Spyglass Consulting Group demonstrated that physicians across the U.S. were adopting mobile apps in an effort to improve collaborative efforts and communications as physicians. In fact, as of the time of the report, 94 percent of physicians were using smartphones to manage their personal and business workflow and to enhance patient care and safety.

As of February 2010, there were nearly 6,000 such apps within the Apple AppStore. Of these, 73 percent were intended for use by consumer or patient end-users, while 27 percent were targeted to health care professionals.

Now consumers are turning to their mobile devices and playing a more important role in their own personal health.

HealthTechZone’s Anuradha Shukla reported on Doro’s partnership with MyGlucoHealth to deliver Bluetooth-enabled glucometer readings for diabetics. Doro, which markets telecom products, initiated the move as its foray into the mHealth industry. The MyGlucoHealth Wireless allows patients to digitally transmit and evaluate their daily glucose readings using their mobile phone, while communicating those same results automatically to their physician.

The New York Times recently cited the growing aging population worldwide and how computer-compatible devices are essential to preventative medicine is an industry on the rise. In Asia, where diabetes is particularly high, MyGlucoHealth is about to make its debut with a launch date in Hong Kong for March 29.

According to The New York Times, HealthVault, a Microsoft product, signed an agreement with a large systems integrator in China, iSoftStone, and the two companies are now focusing on a government program in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province.

“They have a very specific ambition which involves diabetes and hypertension patients, and we’re bringing to market a set of applications and connected devices that are being driven by our partners in China,” said Mark Johnston, Microsoft’s international business development lead. “The entire experience will be localized to their needs to also build a high level of consumer trust.”

Parks and Associates predicts that 2011 will bring a continued focus on digital health and that digital health technology revenue would exceed $5.7 billion in 2015. Consumer-oriented apps include those for medication compliance, mobile and home monitoring, home care, managing conditions, and wellness/fitness.

Michelle Amodio is a HealthTechZone contributor. She has helped promote companies and groups in all industries, from technology to banking to professional roller derby. She holds a bachelor's degree in Writing from Endicott College and currently works in marketing, journalism, and public relations as a freelancer.

Edited by Tammy Wolf

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