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July 01, 2010

Roadside Medical Expands, Bringing Telemedicine, EMR, to Truckers

Roadside Medical Clinics + Labs and Pilot Travel Centers recently announced three new locations for their truck-stop medical clinics: Oklahoma City, East St. Louis, and Waco. These clinics offer medical services like DOT physicals, wellness programs, and sleep apnea screening, and they also sell nutritional products.

Roadside Medical Clinics feature "the industry's first full-function electronic medical record system for professional drivers." By using telemedicine and advanced health information management at truck stop locations, Roadside aims to streamline reporting, improve adherence to wellness and weight loss programs, and lower administrative and direct healthcare costs for both drivers and companies.

Roadside Medical Clinic hopes to develop a coast-to-coast network of healthcare clinics, and has plans for six additional locations by the end of 2010. Via Marketwire.


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