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March 05, 2013

Qualcomm 2net Platform Enables Medical Data Access from Multiple Devices

Qualcomm is partnering with WebMD to create an ecosystem of healthcare apps that enable in-app device purchases. For example, when reading a WebMD article on diabetes from the WebMD application, someone with diabetes could then purchase a glucose monitor through the app.

The monitor would then integrate with WebMD’s information portal to customize information for the person based on aggregate glucose readings.

According to Bill Pence, CTO at WebMD, the partnership takes WebMD from being a content provider to being a patient engagement platform.

Every day, a company unveils a new device, application or informatics solution to appeal to this rapidly growing sector of the technology market. Different hospitals and medical providers adopt different machines and software from all of these disparate brands.

Then, all of these elements have to communicate with each other to integrate care for patients using electronic medical records (EMR).

Qualcomm’s 2net Platform enables multiple medical devices, applications and sources of informatics to communicate with one another. The key to its success is leveraging biometric data stored in the cloud.

Biometric data is stored in a data warehouse that is both PCI DSS and HIPAA compliant. The data is then available for querying, searching and reformatting through either APIs or the Qualcomm Web portal.

In addition to its informatics engine, the 2net Platform provides connectivity and device management for virtually any device capable of transmitting medical data. Within medical facilities or in a patient’s home, an installed 2net Hub device supports plug-and-play communication via Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, Wi-Fi or ANT+ protocols.

Once plugged into an electrical outlet, the 2net Hub collects all medical device data and transmits it into the 2net Platform data center. All connected devices utilizing biometric data can receive the medical information and transmit it into the patient record.

If a patient has multiple health monitors, including glucose meters and heart monitors, the 2net Platform will collect the data and enable access and sharing by patients and healthcare providers alike.

Suddenly, all of the disparate solutions begin to integrate, making the vision behind EMRs a reality.

Edited by Braden Becker
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