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December 13, 2012

MobileHelp's Alert System Leverages u-blox' GPS and Wireless Technologies, Provides Emergency Services to Mobile Personnel

Swiss-based u-blox, a provider of low-power positioning, GPS/GNSS and wireless communication solutions, has been chosen by MobileHelp, an American provider of innovative medical alert systems like M-PERS (Mobile-Personal Emergency Response System) and Duo, Solo and Classic, to integrate u-blox GPS and 2G/3G technologies in support of individuals (disabled, senior or otherwise needing assistance) who wish to remain independent so they can travel or live alone in their home.

Robert Flippo, president of MobileHelp, said their medical alert systems are able to provide personal protection for those that desire to be independent. The company has the devices that can provide real-time medical monitoring services.

With the u-blox' LISA 2G/3G wireless modem, MAX GPS module and new multi-GNSS antenna module (for positioning), he adds, MobileHelp’s mobile devices can perform location mapping via cellular/GPS tracking.

At the touch of a button, it’s simpler than a cell phone to call 911 for an emergency. A single press on either the Stay-at-Home or Anywhere Help Button instantly contacts an emergency response operator who can provide a service to alert paramedics in the event of an emergency, or get in touch with family members (or a caregiver) to make sure the button-pusher receives help when and where needed.

The medical alert devices that provide two-way communication can deliver instant positional information, as well as personalized medical data to an emergency response center. They are easy to set up, use and can alert whoever for assistance, whether inside or outside, or on-the-move, thanks to the mobile coverage that goes anywhere they go.

MobileHelp and u-blox have come together to offer people their independence and make them feel safer while on their own. They’ve brought forth these services to wirelessly communicate via voice, text or video to summon assistance when needed whenever the help button is pressed.

By leveraging on u-blox GPS and 2G/3G technology, “MobileHelp medical alert systems are giving a whole generation of people the freedom to live in their homes and travel independently,” as explained in a report this week.

To learn more about MobileHelp’s alert products and mobile plans, place an order or try a 30-day risk free trial, click here

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Edited by Braden Becker
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