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October 19, 2012

Tobii Sono Suite Introduced to Help Healthcare Professionals Better Care for the Disabled

Today, a global leader in eye-tracking-enabled augmented communication and assistive technology devices, Tobii Assistive Technology Inc., released the Tobii Sono Suite Toolkit. For individuals with communication disabilities, this feature-matching assessment tool promotes long term development of communication skills and assists healthcare professionals and caregivers in selecting the most appropriate Tobii Sono Suite software.

“For caregivers, the selection of appropriate communication software for those under their care can be a stressful and confusing time,” said Tara Rudnicki, president of Tobii ATI.

She added that relying on Tobii’s premier communications technology, the Tobii Sono Suite Toolkit is able to simplify this process so that caregivers and speech language pathologists can focus less on the technology and more on direct patient care.

The Tobii Sono Suite Toolkit guides professionals toward the best customization or page set, using checklists that examine the linguistic and non-linguistic skills of the user, that most appropriately match the user’s existing and emerging communication skills.

From this assessment programs that are most suitable to the user’s level of communication needs, the software is able to suggest the appropriate collection of Tobii Sono Suite communication not only enhancing their ability to communicate, but also, promoting the development of their communication skills over time.

Designed specifically for Tobii’s industry-leading C-Series communication devices and Tobii Communicator, Tobii Sono Suite is a collection of fully customizable augmentative and alternative communication content programs. Tobii Sono Suite includes some of the most robust and advanced communication development tools available for those with communication disabilities, including those with ALS, cerebral palsy, Rett Syndrome and ALS.

Through the progressive introduction of new language development skills, Tobii Sono Suite, which is comprised of six separate software programs, allow its users to advance their communication, promoting growth and development of vocabulary, literacy and grammar over time using Tobii’s eye-control technology.

Edited by Brooke Neuman
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