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January 12, 2012

iHealth Lab Introduces Advanced Solution For Saving Health Information Data On The Cloud

With the development of advanced Information Technology solutions for healthcare, it has become easier than ever for users to monitor and manage their overall health and wellness in a proactive manner. Now as cloud computing is witnessing a rapid adoption by the IT industry, enterprises are looking forward to develop innovative products that can enable a seamless connectivity between healthcare IT solutions and the cloud.

iHealth Lab Inc., a provider of consumer-friendly, mobile personal healthcare products, has introduced its latest cloud service offering for its customers. The company aims at developing solutions that enable the users to test, track, graph and share their health information conveniently and its previous offerings comprise of mobile personal healthcare products such as the iHealth Blood Pressure Dock and iHealth Digital Scale. Additionally, it has created various personal healthcare devices designed for the iOS mobile platform as well.

The cloud service solution by iHealth Lab will be available to the users for free as soon as they download the advanced version of the companion mobile apps for iHealth’s Blood Pressure Dock and Digital Scale. With the help of the new service, users will be able to save their test results upon the cloud, right from their iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad devices.

It is equipped with a number of enhanced features such as: ongoing data integration of data points from the iHealth Blood Pressure Dock and iHealth Digital Scale; a simple and convenient set up process that just needs a unique user name and password; data backup facility; instantaneous upload of the information upon the cloud; and provision of data in a user-friendly spreadsheet format that can be conveniently shared and sent through e-mail.

“Studies have shown that people can better manage and prevent a variety of health conditions by just measuring, tracking and sharing their health-related information, like weight and blood pressure, over time,” commented Adam Lin , general manager at iHealth Lab. “By creating a place online where all of your health-related data can be monitored and stored, we can enable more and more people to get a better picture of their overall health.”

Leveraging the iHealth Cloud Service, users can back-up and store their results in the cloud within minutes through the companion mobile apps for the iHealth Blood Pressure Dock and iHealth Digital Scale. The users can log onto the Cloud Service home page with the same user name and password they had previously created for the companion mobile apps. After logging in, they arrive at the home page that allows them to access their personal data saved upon their mobile devices. From this point, they can track, graph and share their results as soon as they receive them.

In October 2011, iHealth Lab Inc. introduced its new iHealth Bluetooth Digital Scale with the accompanying app helps to simplify and organize personal healthcare routines. The iHealth Digital Scale helps users in managing their short and long-term health and fitness goals, while letting the app do the hard work for them with automatic data entry, the company said.

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Arvind Arora is a contributing editor for HealthTechZone. To read more of Arvind's articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Rich Steeves