Coordinated Care Management

February 25, 2013

Mobile Apps from Caremerge Mean Better Service Delivery for Senior Centers

According to the CDC, the U.S. houses 1.7 million nursing home beds that are occupied 86 percent of the time. The average senior citizen stays in a nursing facility for two years and three months.

Nursing facilities have to coordinate family notification and medical consultations. They plan activities for seniors and keep up with medication regimens. Personal care tasks, activity calendars and state-required assessments mean a diverse set of activities with a great deal of paper pushing.

After going through a personal experience involving inadequate healthcare coordination, Asif Khan, who has a background in healthcare IT for General Electric, developed Caremerge. Caremerge provides coordinated care through a series of Web and mobile apps.

Caremerge tackles medical care coordination through its Clinical Collaboration app. Clinical Collaboration delivers HIPAA-secure communication with offsite providers. All communications are archived and available at a glance.

The Engaged Families app means that family members receive updates about senior care, and facility personnel can communicate with a family member with one tap. Also, all conversations between a nursing facility and family members are recorded, thus reducing liability worries.

To-Dos and Communication Logs improve both communication and accountability within the facility. Instead of maintaining white boards, kiosks, paper logs and laptops on carts, tasks are assigned and logged within the app. Staff receive notification of assigned tasks, and the app delivers reporting on the performance of each staff member.

The Activities app eliminates calendars in Excel. Both loved ones and residents receive updates about activity options. Facility managers or recreation therapists can input recurring tasks and one-time tasks into the calendar of events. If residents go offsite for an activity, then the app stores critical emergency information for mobile access.

Finally, the Assessments app schedules, tracks and prints out state assessment forms. Multiple people can work on an assessment and sign off on its completion. All current and completed assessments are available at the touch of a button.

Asif Khan actually spent a full year in senior living facilities so that he could learn about the challenges faced by personnel. Caremerge attempts to address these challenges to improve both quality of care and employee satisfaction.

Edited by Brooke Neuman
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