Coordinated Care Management

January 31, 2013

Eastpointe Revolutionizes its Customer Support Services

For consumers using 1-800-numbers to access information, we all know what a nuisance automated systems can be, especially if you are calling for an urgent matter, like your health. In an effort to reduce wait time and the inconveniences of leaving voicemails, Eastpointe Local Management Entity/Managed Care Organizations (LME/MCO) has begun to enhance its customer service solutions and increase training for network providers.

Eastpointe services can be accessed 24/7 by Medicaid recipients and citizens in the surrounding area. Working as a middleman between patients and doctors, Eastpointe helps consumers find the right services, schedule appointments and help with any emergencies that may arise. Serving as a healthcare hotline for patients, their telephonic customer support line is the most crucial aspect of its operations.

According to a customer service related article, the number one problem businesses face is having an inadequate customer service department and choosing to ignore its importance. The statistics revealed that the most common customer complaint is long wait times and lack of a properly trained staff resulted in dissatisfaction.

In an age where there is a solution for almost any software or system, Eastpointe has begun to renovate its old fashioned voicemail system to ensure that every phone call received from a customer is answered,  and that real-time customer service solutions are provided. This will eliminate the time and effort wasted making multiple phone calls back and forth between the patient and Eastpointe.

“We know that our providers’ time is valuable, and we are continually striving to be responsive to their needs,” said Ken Jones, director and chief executive officer of Eastpointe. “As an MCO,” Ken Jones continued, “we are pleased to introduce a live customer support solution that provides the most efficient and comprehensive customer support solution possible.”

Eastpointe will also be hosting live education sessions for its employees every week in order to assist the telephonic transition provide additional issue resolution.

As Eastpointe takes steps to mend a common issue that we see in many different industries, it seems that customer service operations are becoming a more serious matter to address.


Edited by Carlos Olivera
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