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May 17, 2011

Pharma Tech International and Cure Hands Sign Agreement to Provide Wound Care in Saudi Arabia

Wound Management Technologies, a provider of advanced wound care solutions, today announced that Pharma Tech International (PTI), a joint venture of its subsidiary BioPharma Management Technologies, has signed a sales agreement with Cure Hands, a global company based in Saudi Arabia, where care needed for wounds caused by diabetes is growing.

It is estimated that in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, 20 percent of the population suffers from diabetes, due to diet and lifestyle, and the number is growing.

In the agreement, PTI, a distributor of CellerateRX throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa, grants Cure Hands the exclusive right of sales and distribution for CellerateRX in Saudi Arabia, based on an initial $50,000 order of CellerateRX products. Cure Hands will then post a letter of credit for an additional $450,000 within 60 days to fund its annual minimum required purchase.

The agreement calls for a $500,000 minimum annual purchase. This is Wound Management Technologies’ second distribution agreement with PTI for CellerateRX. 

CellerateRx is a gel treatment for wounds that, left uncared for, can lead to loss of limb and loss of life. The gel protects the wound bed by the formation of an air- and water-tight dressing made with a waxy cover to provide a total seal while the wound is healing. It is used for all wound stages, including inflammation, proliferation, dying skin cells, infection, granulation (tissue starts appearing in the wound when it’s still inflamed) and the regrowth of skin.

Treatment of a diabetic foot ulcer is much more complex than simply putting a dressing over a wound. Diabetic foot ulcers are a significant cause of death and are the most common reason for hospital admission in diabetic patients. Annually, two to three percent of diabetic patients will develop foot ulcers, and up to 15 percent of diabetic patients will develop chronic ulcers during their lifetimes. In those who require lower-limb amputation, 70 to 90 percent will be preceded by a foot ulceration, according to medical experts. Treatment is key, they say.

Wound Management has other advanced biotech products in development including a patented resorbable bone wax line that is in late stages of development, as well as a subsidiary focused on technology for secure healthcare data collaboration and storage.  

Pharma Technology International, LLC is a joint venture partnership between BioPharma Technologies, Inc. (a subsidiary of Wound Management Technologies, Inc.) and A&Z Pharmaceutical, LLC, to  license, market, distribute and sell Wound Management Technologies' line of activated collagen-based products in certain countries in the Middle East and Northern Africa.  The products are  FDA cleared as medical devices and for use in the management of chronic and acute wounds and skin ulcers.

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Deborah DiSesa Hirsch is an award-winning health and technology writer who has worked for newspapers, magazines and IBM in her 20-year career. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Jennifer Russell
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