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October 22, 2014

PDC Healthcare Unveils New Blood Bank ID Wristbands

Misidentification in the blood transfusion process is a serious danger, occurring rarely but usually with life-threatening or fatal results. Working to eliminate the chance of this issue arising, PDC Healthcare has announced an expanded product line for its Securline Bar Code Blood Band designed to ensure the upmost accuracy in matching the right patient to the right blood. The solution promises improved safety for the patients and convenience for the caregivers, overall ensuring a smoother blood transfusion process.

The wristbands streamline transfusion by allowing a caregiver to simply scan one and capture all relevant all data about the patient, which is instantly verified electronically for transfusion verification, specimen collection, and patient charging. Each wristband features a serialized alphanumeric bar code ID with a matching alphanumeric bar code label that can be applied to draw tubes, patient charts, transfusion requisitions and IV blood bags (as a secondary label).

They are fully compatible with existing blood bank systems, so there’s no need for IT involvement or capital investment. The solution fully complies with HIPAA guidelines to protect patient privacy and AHA guidelines to minimize the chance of lost or transferred data;  and meets the Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goal for blood transfusions.

PDC Healthcare considered the patients’ comfort by employing soft, pliable latex-free and phthalate-free materials. The wristbands are applied easily with Secursnap closure.

There are a couple variations on the basic wristband that PDC will be offering as part of the extended Securline Bar Code Blood Band product line. This includes the Securline VeriDigit Bar Code Blood Band, which is designed specifically to support the Cerner Bridge Transfusion Administration System. The Securline NICU Blood ID Tag is a patent-pending solution that identifies neonatal intensive-care unit (NICU) patients for blood applications. The tags are the first of its kind and allow infants to stay swaddled, which promotes healthy development.

“Our blood ID solutions now serve the entire patient population, including even the most fragile patients in NICU,” commented D'Albert Benoit, Director of Patient ID Solutions & Global ID Initiatives for PDC Healthcare. “We're not stopping there. Our new print-on-demand blood ID solutions for are designed to meet the healthcare market demand as it transitions to electronic medical records and from human-readable to machine-readable identification.”

PDC Healthcare has also unveiled the TrustSense patient ID print-on-demand solution for thermal blood applications. This product allows caregivers to print wristbands and labels wherever they are needed on a single sheet, promoting convenience and efficiency.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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