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October 20, 2014

eClinicalWorks Embeds Nuance Speech Recognition Into Mobile Apps

Nuance Communications, Inc. announced a partnership today with eClinicalWorks to embed its cloud-based medical speech recognition technology into eClinicalWorks’s mobile apps. The solution enables clinicians working in outpatient settings to use mobile devices for entering patient notes into the Electronic Health Record (EHR).

This partnership came about partially in response to eight usability priorities recently outlined by the American Medical Association (AMA). These guidelines call for a redesign of EHRs to better leverage their power for enhancing patient care, improving productivity and reducing administrative costs.

“Physician experiences documented by the AMA and RAND demonstrate that most electronic health record systems fail to support efficient and effective clinical work,” said AMA President-elect Steven J. Stack, M.D. “This has resulted in physicians feeling increasingly demoralized by technology that interferes with their ability to provide first-rate medical care to their patients.”

The AMA’s usability priorities are:

  • Enhance Physicians' Ability to Provide High-Quality Patient Care
  • Support Team-Based Care
  • Promote Care Coordination
  • Offer Product Modularity and Configurability
  • Reduce Cognitive Workload
  • Promote Data Liquidity
  • Facilitate Digital and Mobile Patient Engagement
  • Expedite User Input into Product Design and Post-Implementation Feedback

By working with Nuance and addressing these guidelines, eClinicalTouch for iPad and eClinicalMobile for iPhone and Android now allow physicians to document patients’ stories in a more natural and flexible way using a simple and consistent interface.

“This is a major win for clinicians practicing in the ambulatory setting using our Dragon Medical solution and they are excited about the opportunity to leverage the same front-end speech recognition they know and trust to support a more efficient workflow using mobile devices,” says Jonathon Dreyer, Director of Mobile and Cloud Solutions at Nuance Communications. “We are seeing an intersection between consumer technology and health IT, and the ease-of-use that comes from these developments will help offset some of the challenges physicians are currently facing.”

As more clinicians become interested in adopting cloud-based medical speech solutions, companies like Nuance recognize the importance of providing a cohesive set of tools that accommodates as many situations as possible while maintaining a natural and even invisible feel.

“Nuance cloud-based speech integrated with eClinicalTouch and eClinicalMobile will empower our users to speak right into the iPad, iPhones, and Android phones and convert speech into text, said Girish Navani, CEO and co-founder of eClinicalWorks. “eClinicalWorks Scribe will then take that text and convert it into discrete data that is searchable and reportable.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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