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September 29, 2014

iHealth Reveals Exciting News

iHealth Lab, Inc. announced that with Apple’s HealthKit they are integrating nine mobile health devices. With the update of iOS 8.02, more applications have been able to take advantage of all that iHealth has to offer.

This includes iHealth’s own applications, My Vitals, My Vitals 2.0, SpO2 and nine other corresponding personal mobile health devices. The fourth application, Gluco-Smart, is said to be available later this week. Apple customers who already utilize the company’s other applications, like Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor and Wireless Scale, will be able to seamlessly sync this data with the updated iHealth application.

This new application has the ability to share user information with healthcare professionals. There is a central dashboard that allows users to view and share their information, with options to automatically share specific readings.

What exactly can you track in the HealthKit app? The company plans on offering fifteen key vitals including: sleep analysis, weight, BMI, body fat, blood glucose, blood pressure, heart rate, steps, oxygen saturation, distance and active calories.

"Doctors have a more informed view," iHealth CMO Jim Taschetta told technology blog, Gizmodo, in an interview. "They can literally look at data you collected and adjust medication based on that." He added, "I think this is a really important turning point in how digital health monitoring can make a difference. This is an exciting time."

Apple has always been known for its innovative thinking, and health is clearly no exception.  iHealth will be among the first Apple partners to implement an application that shares digital health data from users devices to their health care provider. With a patient’s permission, doctors and other healthcare providers can collect data from the HealthKit and add it to patient’s personal records. This application has the ability to better healthcare, with a more transparent relationship between patients and healthcare providers. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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