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September 18, 2014

University Gives Tips to Upcoming Health IT Professionals

American Sentinel University has recently released some tips on how to get a competitive edge in the job market for upcoming grads. In honor of National Health IT week (September 15-19), the university wanted to offer guidance to students looking to get into the healthcare marketplace.

In a recent study by HIMMS, it was found that the need for qualified and talented IT professionals is at an all time high. The most desired skills of an entry level IT professional are clinical workflow and terminology experience. Like most tech industries, technology in healthcare is an ever-changing profession. There is always new equipment and different techniques coming and going, making IT professionals jobs more challenging in staying on top of the latest technology.

As a student, when deciding that you want to follow a career path in the health IT industry, there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration and the type of education program you chose is one of the most important.

According the Blair Smith, Ph.D., dean of informatics management technology programs at American Sentinel University, it’s extremely important for students to choose a degree program that is relevant to the industry’s current needs.

In this fast-growing industry, employers are looking for a few main qualities in their future employees. A good foundation in your educational background is a huge plus- being able to put what you learned to your work will differentiate you from other candidates.

Another desirable characteristic graduates can have is the ability to change. This industry will be changing the entirety of one’s career, and the faster and easier you can adapt the better, and more advantageous you will be to a future employer. Going along with the ability to change is a passion for innovativeness, while adjusting to next technology IT professionals constantly have to be thinking abstractly and innovatively.

If you combine a hands-on education with the right skill set, you will find yourself the most marketable in the health IT field. Find out more information from American Sentinel University

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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