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August 20, 2014

Health Gorilla Launches iOS App for Doctors

While the health care industry is having problems taking advantage of everything the tech world is able to offer, the industry is gradually playing catch-up. Health Gorilla is attempting to do its part, with the release of a new mobile application that works by connecting doctors and clinicians with more than 9,000 labs and more than 35,000 radiology centers. The application is being made available on the iOS format.

Health Gorilla pointed out while announcing the new application that 68 percent of doctors in today’s world are now using the iOS platform to communicate with other doctors as well as patients. Doctors can now use their mobile devices in order to place orders with Health Gorilla mobile to diagnostic labs. The doctors are also able to communicate with facilities such as skilled nursing facilities and durable medical equipment (DME) providers.

All of this is done as a way for doctors to be able to practice their craft while also saving time and effort. A new report indicates that 59.3 percent of all primary care physicians daily emails were used for the interpretation of test results while another 21.7 percent were emails back and forth to patients. This becomes an issue because most emails are not actually HIPAA compliant and therefore can increase the risk for both patients and doctors.

Health Gorilla mobile has a communication module that is indeed HIPAA compliant. It also allows doctors to send and receive documents and orders far quicker than it usually takes to deal with faxes.  Once a doctor has received results on a particular test, they can safely and securely transfer those results to the patient. If needed, the application also allows the doctors to send information to a consulting health professional.

While the world is moving to a situation where people want to use mobile platforms for everything including tracking health, Apple has already made a move to help with this, thanks to its HealthKit suite. Health Gorilla moves in that direction as well. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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