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August 18, 2014

Comings & Goings: Medical Advisory Company Hires Three Senior Advisors

A mergers and acquisitions company that provides knowledge of the healthcare field to small businesses and Fortune 100 companies alike announced this past week that it has added three new members as senior advisors.

Popper and Company said that it has hired Michael C. Little, Ph.D., David L. Scher, M.D., and Niall Sweeney to bring their experience in diagnostics, remote patient monitoring, digital health technology, orthopedics, and dentistry to their relationships with corporate clients. The firm's Co-founder and President, Caroline Popper, M.D., commented on the addition of those three individuals to the company.

"We founded Popper and Company in 2003 with a strong belief that bringing diverse perspectives from complementary disciplines to bear on healthcare challenges could reduce inefficiencies in the delivery of healthcare," she said. "Today, with the addition of Michael, David, and Niall to our team, we have the ability to bring even broader and more diverse perspective, plus excellent problem-solving capabilities, to clients that are interested in improving the healthcare system."

Little has played many executive roles before. Most recently, he worked at Novartis, and he has primarily worked in the medical subfields of in-vitro diagnostics and companion diagnostics. Since Popper and Company advise other companies about how they should run their own organizations, Little should be able to transfer his expertise in developing products within those subfields into insights generated for Popper and Company clientele.

Similarly, Scher has worked with development of medical technology. Specifically, he has expertise in remote patient monitoring and has advocated for patients through his DIGITAL HEALTH CORNER blog, as a clinician, clinical investigator, Medicare committee member, and institutional review board member.

Sweeney has expertise growing businesses. One of his most prominent successes is through Becton Dickinson where he developed a safety needle product into a $200 million dollar enterprise. He is also known for working at Stryker Spine where he launched several implant systems and made $57 million for the company as a result of those projects.

The three new faces working in tandem will be able to bring not only their individual expertise but also will combine their knowledge to positively affect Popper and Company and their future clients. They all know how to develop products and effectively conduct business operations to turn a profit, and that is exactly what their job descriptions will demand.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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