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August 11, 2014

Collection Management Agency Replaces its Contact Center Software

A key collection management agency recently announced the replacement of its contact center technology that will improve its performance, allow it to maintain compliance with industry regulations, and scale with the company as it grows, as a result of its improved customer interactions.

Consumer Collection Management announced this past week that it has partnered with call center software provider Castel Communications. Castel will reportedly be installing its Castel Connects software package in the third quarter of this year. Stacy Koester, director of operations at CCM, commented on the nature of CCM's business, its focus on customers, and its ongoing need for regulatory compliance.

"As we continue to grow, keeping high customer service levels rely upon best proven technologies," Koester said. "After a thorough and lengthy due diligence and competitive analysis to select the best solution and partner, Castel was the outstanding choice. At CCM, our commitment to our clients is built upon the foundation of first compliance with federal, state and local regulations and the highest regard for customer service at every interaction."

CCM describes itself as a veteran in the accounts receivable market that offers its customers complete expertise in service receivables management.

The Castel Connects software provides specific call center features that apply to both inbound and outbound dialing. It allows businesses to connect directly to the ISDN so customer service agents can respond quickly within their conversations -- there is no gap between a customer’s first "hello" and the speech an agent hears. Furthermore, it quickly disconnects calls when they have been completed, and that allows agents to move on to their next customers with speed.

The software's ability to recognize special information tones and provide automatic number identification allows Castel to claim that its product can help call centers complete 25 percent more connects. It also claims that businesses using the software experience decreased abandoned calls -- to less than one percent -- and between-call wait times of less than 10 seconds.

Edited by Adam Brandt

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