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June 05, 2014

Apple's HealthKit a Key Part of Apple's iOS 8

Ever since Apple’s iOS 8 was announced, people have been picking apart all the brand new features the new operating system has to offer. When it comes to the business community, the chance that VoLTE could actually become a native part of the OS has people quite excited. On the healthcare side of things, the all-encompassing “HealthKit” has fitness experts and medical professionals alike wondering and hoping this is just the tip of a pretty interesting iceberg.

The HealthKit has been described by some industry analysts as being an application that has the most potential for the future. Nils Kassube, a director of development at Newscope, a Germany-based consulting firm told Reuters he believes those who are interested in the health field need a platform for sharing information. It appears that Apple is getting ready to offer this kind of application up.

As is usually the case when it comes to new deliveries from Apple, there isn’t a ton of specific information about the particular kit but we do know a couple of things it can do. The HealthKit will be able to pull together data about blood pressure and weight that are collected by a number of different applications that are already operating on the iPhone and the iPad. There will also be an application that will be called simply “Health” that will play a very central role when iOS 8 is finally released this fall.

This kind of a change is one of the big factors that Apple is bringing when the new operating system is live. There have been a number of rumors that Apple faithful had started to become a bit restless because the company isn’t bringing a ton of brand new innovations. iOS 8 seems to have upset that little applecart of complaints with its new programming language, the brand new business world applications and the new HealthKit.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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