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May 19, 2014

GenomeDx Biosciences Launches New App for Treating Prostate Cancer

GenomeDx Biosciences has launched a new iPad app for medical professionals treating patients with prostate cancer.

Decipher Portal Professional allows doctors to examine and make sense of genomic information relating to the patient’s prostate cancer and their treatment, including interactive graphs and information on post-operative care.

“We believe that merging genomic data with mobile technology will transform how doctors manage patient care in the clinic," said Dr. Doug Dolginow, CEO of GenomeDx, on how the app can positively benefit physicians and their patients.

“We designed this app so that physicians can explore case studies just as they would review a case they were treating and easily visualize how a test like Decipher can help them understand the genomic risk of their patients developing metastatic prostate cancer,” he added.

Currently the app is free, giving the user the chance to compare results and, living to up its name, deciphering the data.

Physicians also have access to treatment recommendations from fellow physicians that have published their findings in Decipher’s clinical utilities studies. The ability to compare treatments gives the attending doctor more leeway in devising the best treatments for the patient in question.

The app is still in its first version with Decipher promising updates as they become available.

GenomeDx Biosciences will be showcasing the new app at the American Urological Association (AUA) conference in Orlando this week. The company has not provided any information yet on an Android version of the app or other mobile versions for smartphones.

GenomeDx Biosciences is one of many companies trying out apps and mobile technology for the modern healthcare sector, with a number of other companies and start-ups developing solutions for in-hospital communications and even apps to use with hardware like Google Glass for doctors.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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