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March 24, 2014

Barton Telehealth Launched to Staff Healthcare Industry

The shortage of healthcare professionals in the United States has resulted in facilities having to manage without adequate staff. This generally means having nurses, doctors and other practitioners working additional hours to meet the demand. Barton Associates, a national healthcare staffing company, is meeting this challenge by launching Barton Telehealth, a multi-specialty locum tenens telemedicine staffing solution to support hospitals, medical practices, and companies.

The company has been providing health organizations around the country with staff support since 2001. The new Barton Telehealth locum tenens telemedicine staffing solution is designed to provide organizations to access and network of skilled healthcare practitioners for full or part time staffing support, after-hour coverage, specialist consultation and other services. This includes physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

As telemedicine continues to be one of the fastest growing fields in medicine, it means health practitioners will now have to start providing services at home as well as in healthcare facilities. This provides many opportunities; it also represents challenges in which the industry as a whole has to make many adjustments to accommodate this new customer base. According to Barton Associates, this field is expected to grow by more than six fold in 2017.

This will require organizations to leverage this technology to make hospitals, medical practices and companies accommodate the need to generate revenue, increase capacity and most importantly solve the staffing challenges they will face.

The Barton Telehealth technology can be accessed using a web camera, microphone, and an internet connection. The platform meets regulatory compliances with a simple to use interface that provides quick and easy set-up for new clients. This includes:

  • Safe and secure (HIPAA and HITECH compliant; FIPS 140-2 certified 256 bit advanced encryption)
  • Requires no special equipment or third-party services
  • Accessible via a computer or device with a web camera, microphone, and internet connection
  • User friendly and easy to use
  • Quick and easy set-up for new clients with 24/7 support

Doctors can start working in their emerging fields from anywhere while earning competitive compensation with A rated medical malpractice insurance. Nurse practitioners are also provided with the most competitive compensation rates as well as insurance and assistance in obtaining a license. Some of the available practitioners are in: cardiology, cardiothoracic surgery, emergency medicine, family medicine, neurology, oncology and many others.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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