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February 26, 2014

Covisint Corporation Expands Cloud-based Healthcare Platform Globally

At HIMSS this week, Covisint, a provider of cloud engagement technology, announced the global expansion of its cloud-based healthcare platform designed to support the international need for secure exchange of health information.  The company has entered into a five-year strategic partnership with and Aptus Pacific Indonesia, which will use Covisint’s expanded network to transfer medical records and other health information.

Transferring medical information internationally is a task rife with potential problems. If sent over email or other public Internet channels, information is far less secure because it must be routed through many locations. Each time information needs to be transferred from one relay point to another is an opportunity for others to access that information without permission. In addition, inefficiencies within automated healthcare systems cause expensive delays that cost medical centers both time and money that is better spent on actual patients.

According to Covisint CEO David McGuffie, “Healthcare globally depends on secure, scalable and effective communication between providers, payers and others across the entire care continuum.”

The joint operation between Aptus and Covisint thus aims to automate the inefficient processes within Indonesia’s health information exchange, in markets that include insurance, hospital care and physician practices. Increased efficiency across the entire chain of healthcare information exchange will see benefits for all members. For physicians and care delivery organizations, for example, improved workflows mean that the time needed to verify reimbursement and administration processes will shorten rapidly. This makes it easier for payment organizations to automate communications between patients and providers, further improving efficiency. All of these combined will give an edge to patients, who will see shorter wait times for the healthcare they need, as well as verification of their insurance claims.

The fact that Indonesia’s middle class is currently expanding rapidly means that the country is an excellent market for improved healthcare services. Stabilizing the medical system now will certainly benefit future effectiveness. Aptus and Covisint are partnering to do exactly this, and as McGuffie says, "This partnership - built on Aptus' cultural and political understanding of the Indonesian healthcare market, combined with Covisint's proven and scalable technology platform - will deliver significant value to the Indonesian market. Covisint will continue to work with key customers and partners to expand its healthcare footprint globally."

Edited by Blaise McNamee

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