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November 29, 2013

Carego Finds PaaS Platform That Meets Its Healthcare Delivery Needs

The Platform-as-a-Service market is growing into quite the lucrative area these days. One of the reasons that PaaS is growing so quickly is because there are so many different ways in which the solutions developed in the vertical can be used. Carego is one such company that has found an effective way to implement PaaS solutions so that it can help remote health clinics improve the quality of their care in developing regions around the globe.

Speficially, Carego is using a solution that was built on the framework of the Progress Pacific platform-as-a-service . The company helps those who are in need by advancing and expediting health care delivery. Turnkey clinics and hospitals in areas like Kenya in the mid 2000’s cannot use the same kind of medical services that are available to hospitals in larger and more advanced areas. The software was simply too complex for these smaller, understaffed and less advanced hospitals to run.

Carego originally looked to in order to “dumb down” the solutions that were available but that company was unsuccessful. When Carego turned to Progress Pacific, it found a development platform that fit the need. The Progress Pacific solution has just the right mix of cloud capabilities and visual development to help shape a solution to a smaller and more remote medical clinic.

Steve Landman, CEO at Carego International talked about what the platform means to smaller facilities in a recent statement saying: "By providing administrative and clinical staff with complete and immediate access to patient health information, our clients can expedite, personalize and improve the quality of care for underserved people around the world. Adoption has been a success everywhere it has been implemented because the Progress Pacific platform has helped us make and deploy a solution that is intuitive and easy to explain."

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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