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October 24, 2013

Verizon Health Management Platform Helps Doctors to Monitor Patients Between Visits

Verizon has developed a remote patient monitoring platform called Converged Health Management. The platform enables doctors and their patients to monitor patient progress between visits.

Devices like Wi-Fi scales, glucose meters, blood pressure cuffs and pulse oximeters transmit patient results into the platform. All data lives in Verizon's HIPAA-compliant cloud to ensure security and confidentiality.

Using a smartphone, tablet or computer, patients can access their records and receive a personalized health plan that offers rewards for making healthier lifestyle choices. They can also access videos, webinars and other educational materials.


According to a statement issued by Verizon, the platform is ideal for insurance companies, hospitals and large provider groups, integrated delivery networks and self-funded employers. The tool could reduce patient hospital readmissions, improve care compliance, shorten hospital stays and decrease the frequency of emergency room trips.

"More than one-sixth of the U.S. economy is devoted to healthcare spending, and as the industry drives to deliver better care, managing costs is a key focus," said Verizon Enterprise Solutions president John Stratton.

"Converged Health Management is a perfect example of how we are using our unique combination of assets like our 4G LTE wireless network and cloud infrastructure to deliver an innovative, cost-effective and game-changing solution to the marketplace."

Verizon has released the Converged Health Management platform to capitalize on the healthcare industry's transition from fee-per-service to outcome-based reimbursement. To receive reimbursements from Medicare and other federal programs, doctors will be increasingly required to show that their treatments produce positive patient outcomes.

"Patient outcomes are often the result of what individuals do when they are away from their care providers," said Dr. Peter Tippett, Verizon Innovation Incubator's VP and chief medical officer. "With this solution, Verizon is helping to transform how healthcare is delivered in the U.S. by increasing patient engagement and empowering patients to better manage their own health."

Edited by Ryan Sartor

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