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August 13, 2013

ITelagen Introduces UroWorx: EHR for Urologists

The medical field has many different specialties, and each field uses a set of technologies designed specifically to assist medical professionals in performing their duties with more efficiency. Creating specialized applications with workflows designed for each field allows practitioners to perform their duties without having to adapt a platform designed for something else. ITelagen Inc., a provider of healthcare IT support and system administration, has developed UroWorx, a urology-focused template for improving the use of NextGen Ambulatory EHR for urologists.

UroWorkx gives practitioners the tools to enhance clinical, business, and financial performance for urologists with an implementation, maintenance, hosting and support for one monthly fee. It provides application features and functions for urologists compatible with their electronic health record (EHR) solutions. The platform can be implemented as a standalone application or a combined solution with other systems.

The workflow design provides a clutter-free interface by taking into account the needs of a urology practice. Pre-populated templates that default directly to urology with different parameters including gender allow practitioners to enter data more efficiently in the system. It pulls medical records and relevant data based on diagnosis codes and past visits, giving doctors immediate access.

It is configured to integrate with NextGen Knowledge Base Model (KBM) 8.1, with a specialty EHR platform for urologists. Whether the practice is large or small, it provides a range of ancillary services including implementation, training, support, template development, hosting, and system optimization. This includes unlimited on-site and remote technical support for businesses with 24/7 monitoring of server activity. The cloud-based system manages and supports patient's EHR's with additional assistance in coding and billing records, categorizing insurance collections, and medical and insurance claims.

"As a value-added reseller for NextGen Healthcare, we wanted to differentiate ourselves in the market. UroWorx’ specialized templates and database of urology information offers urologists time- and cost-savings features and functions for their practices. We believe UroWorx is a must-have for any urologist currently utilizing the NextGen Ambulatory EHR solution or thinking about implementing NextGen Healthcare into his or her practice," said John O’Keefe, chief executive officer for ITelagen.

ITelagen provides certified EHR experts with IT and hosting for a flat monthly subscription fee, giving practices of any size access to technology and service previously available only to large enterprises.

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