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May 29, 2013

Veeva CRM, Vault PromoMats Increase Compliance for Global Pharma Company

In order to keep up with the constantly changing drug information and decrease errors in compliance for pharmaceutical companies around the world, Veeva Systems announced on Tuesday that it would be working together with a global pharmaceutical company with the help of Vault PromoMats, the only cloud-based solution to manage promotional content in life sciences.

The global pharmaceutical company managed to go live with Vault PromoMats in only eight weeks, enabling the solution to support all standard medical, legal and regulatory review. The company plans to deploy the solution to all of its remaining affiliates across the world by the end of the year.

"This is already a risky business considering all of the regulations governing marketing, so the more processes we can automate, the better," said a corporate spokesperson. "What is a manual handoff of content highly prone to human error will be automated. With Vault PromoMats and Veeva CRM tightly integrated in the cloud, we will be able to get approved marketing materials direct from brand teams to the field's iPads for faster, more efficient distribution of up-to-date content."

Vault PromoMats and Veeva CRM provide total control over the promotional materials, allowing users to distribute and withdraw content with just one click. The ease of use decreases the possibility for human error, while increasing the effectiveness of the company’s promotional materials.

"Veeva's strategic integration of promotional content management and CRM has the potential to be one of those rare technology developments that are transformative to an industry," Eric Larsen, head of global content management at Accenture, said in a statement. "By automating the distribution, withdrawal and update of marketing content, pharmaceutical companies gain more compliance control as well as speed time-to-market."

Vault PromoMats are built on a multitenant cloud platform, making it easily accessible in real-time over the internet for efficient collaboration with advertising agencies and other partners worldwide. Based in San Francisco, Veeva Systems provides cloud-based software for the global life sciences industry including major pharmaceutical companies and emerging biotech.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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