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May 17, 2013

3D Marketing Technologies Let Customers Craft their Own Stories

A sale is a lot like a story: you have a problem that needs to be identified, an idea to solve the problem, a product that actually solves it, the customer's trust in the product and an ending where everyone walks away happy.

Identifying a problem and solving it isn't the apex of the story — it's selling the solution to consumers without confusing them or turning them off that's the most drama-filled moment.

That's especially true in the healthcare industry, where quick access to vital information — no matter where — is paramount, and the tools used cannot be allowed to fail. Unfortunately, demoing and understanding a product in such an environment is hard. But that's where Kaon Interactive steps in.

Kaon produces interactive 3D sales and marketing applications. Two of Kaon's customers recently won first place awards in the 2013 Diagnostic Marketing Association Creative Communications Awards for innovating communications and sales on the Kaon platform.

One of the winners, IL, uses Kaon's platform to showcase its GEMweb Plus management software. The software is designed to allow medical officials to process product information at their own pace — whether at home, the intensive care unit or another facility, and allows users to have control over their analyzer.

"With this unique visual storytelling solution, we are now able to better communicate the features and benefits of GEMweb Plus, while providing our team with an interactive tool that is innovative and easy to use," Sally McCraven, Worldwide Marketing Communications at Instrumentation Laboratory said in a prepared statement.

The second award winner created an interactive 3D product application, allowing customers to peruse a realistic depiction of a product and interact with it on an iPad or computer, allowing them to discover the most crucial information of a given device that's applicable to them.

And that's the beauty of 3D marketing devices: it lets consumers craft their own story and trust, of a product.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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