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March 06, 2013

Spectralink Tackles Nurse Workplace Safety with New Wireless Solution

Polycom-owned Spectralink Corporation announced on Tuesday its new Spectralink Staff Safety Solution, a wireless healthcare product developed for nurses to address safety issues in the workplace.

Nurses and healthcare professionals have long dealt with safety concerns while working in such high-stress environments as hospitals, hospices and nursing homes, so Spectralink’s new solution offers various features to help combat common workplace dangers seen in the healthcare profession.

“It is surprising to many people that the healthcare field can be a dangerous work environment,” said Spectralink vice president of marketing and product management, Mike Lanciloti.

This is much of the reason why solutions like the Spectralink Staff Safety Solution were not developed until recently.

Lanciloti continued, saying the most incidents often occur in “particularly the overnight shift in the ER or work in a psychiatric facility. Injuries and even fatalities occur far too frequently.”

The Spectralink Staff Safety Solution is designed to integrate easily with other complementary nurse applications, “ensuring nurses have all critical alarms and information on a single handset,” Lanciloti added.

The new solution will debut at the HIMSS 2013 Conference & Exhibition held this year in New Orleans, Louisiana, at booth #8513, March 3-7. At the event, Spectralink will demonstrate how the company’s existing mobile communications infrastructure is now updated to detect various situations indicating a nurse might be in danger or need of assistance.

The solution’s alarms can be activated by the user, and will specifically alert others via a customized notification system whether the nurse in question has fallen, is running or is incapacitated in some way.

Jaime Dibrowa, the nurse ambassador for Spectralink, commented on the necessity for such a product.

“Being in an overnight shift at a hospital can be scary at times. Having this product in my hand would give me peace of mind that I could get help if needed,” she said.

The solution is designed with the ability to integrate into any existing software in the hospital from the key worldwide partners in the healthcare market, so that it is flexible and scalable, widening the customer base to include nearly any hospital looking to implement the solution.

The Spectralink Staff Safety Solution will be made officially available on the company’s Spectralink 8441 and 8452 Wi-Fi handsets by the second quarter of this year, and has already begun shipping on the DECT platform.

For more information, visit Spectralink’s website, which is set for an upgrade soon.

Edited by Braden Becker

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