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March 04, 2013

Burlington Medical Supplies Selects ODIN's EasyID RFID Asset Tracking Platform

Healthcare in the United States is a multi-trillion dollar industry with no stop-gap measure in place to slow down the spiraling spending. The industry suffers from multiple redundancies as well as inefficient systems in record keeping, billing, patient care and asset tracking. Hundreds of millions of dollars are lost each year because the assets of hospitals and medical supplies companies are misplaced for a variety of reasons. In order to protect its assets, Burlington Medical Supplies has begun to implement the EasyID RFID asset tracking platform from ODIN.

The ODIN solutions for healthcare asset tracking brings together an innovative Web-based platform, iPad technology and passive RFID tags to provide an accurate asset tracking technology to accurately report and provide analytics of an organization’s inventory.

Once the ODIN platform is put in place in an organization, it brings together a system in which each individual item with an RFID tag can be audited as to its location as well as the personnel that used the equipment. The information can then be accessed through a Web server or a mobile device such as the iPad.

"This secure inventory management system… helps to standardize, organize, and simplify the inspection process, as well as the overall management…within the facility. ODIN is a wonderful partner – their knowledge of RFID and their ability to innovate really sets them apart," said Steve Porter of Burlington Medical, in a statement.

ODIN is recognized as a global leader in RFID software, services and solution development in aerospace, financial services markets, government and healthcare. With 10 patents in RFID software customers are able to leverage the company’s technology to make their organization more efficient by achieving accurate, speedy and easy to apply RFID deployments for total visibility of assets.

"ODIN has focused on smart devices over the past year. Tablets such as the iPad are enabling use cases our customers could only dream of until very recently, and ODIN's R&D team took full advantage of this when designing EasyID. We wanted to develop a truly native IOS app so customers could work with asset inspection data locally on the device for long periods of time without a network. Once synced, our EasyID cloud service takes over and provides a powerful platform for reporting and analytics. Compliance with healthcare audit and inspection mandates does not get easier than this," commented Ronan Wisdom, ODIN's COO.

The EasyID solution gives healthcare organizations a tool to save time and money by improving inspection accuracy and reducing the burden of compliance. It is an efficient solution in the M2M healthcare market that identifies assets and stores inspection histories of these assets so they can be retrieved at any time.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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