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March 04, 2013

Appointment-Plus Just Made Things Easier for Personal Trainers

Appointment-Plus has been making life easier for certified personal trainers since 2001, and, now, they have developed a tool that will help busy personal trainers everywhere. Appointment-Plus has created new mobile applications that will allow clients to schedule their appointments through smartphones and tablets. These appointments will go straight to the trainers to ease the burden of scheduling clients, allowing them to concentrate on workouts.

When Appointment-Plus originally launched, people could go on their computers and set an appointment with their trainer, and their trainer would then go on their computer to confirm their appointment and set their schedule. Now, with the new Android and iPhone apps, clients will have the luxury of making their appointment from their smartphone or tablet, and it will instantly appear on their trainer’s smartphone. This will allow the trainer to add the appointment with a quick click from their smartphone or tablet.

Personal fitness trainers are often in various locations when they work with a client. This new addition to the program will make scheduling a simple process, from wherever they are training with clients.

The new application is free to all current users of Appointment-Plus, and the app will feature an easy navigational process, and it will create an icon on their smartphone or tablet for quick access to their schedule. Through the mobile app, trainers will be able to access and change client information; they can make changes to their schedule or make cancellations. There are multiple views available that will allow trainers to see their schedules in a daily, weekly, or monthly view. The app will also account for Multiple Appointments Per Time Slot (MAPTS), which can be used for group training sessions. The app can be downloaded in the app store for Apple on Google Play store for Android users.

While Appointment-Plus is geared specifically toward trainers, there are countless appointment-setting apps that can be used by busy professionals (or just busy people) of all types. Some top favorites include Doodle, Genbook, Schedule Once, Bookeo, and BookingBug. With apps to replace leather-bound calendars, it has become easier than ever to coordinate the schedules of multiple parties, without having to make calls.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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