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March 04, 2013

New 300 UltraLite Mobile Carts from JACO Feature PowerBlade, a New Power Management System

Access to the right information in a timely manner is critical in the healthcare industry. As hospitals become 100 percent digital, they have to have technology that will allow them to access this information whenever it is needed. When healthcare professionals make their rounds in large facilities, they require a power source for the computing devices they use, that is reliable and long-lasting.

The new 300 UltraLite Mobile Carts from JACO come with the company’s new power management system, PowerBlade.

JACO is a recognized manufacturer of mobile carts and computing mounting solutions in the healthcare industry. The new PowerBlade is a hot-swappable power management system that enables 24/7 runtime to meet the demands of any shift length.

The UltraLite Series of carts are designed to be light and maneuverable with the company’s patent-pending TRAC Steering system.

The mobile cart has an open design to allow LED/LCD displays, laptops, barcode scanners and drawers and baskets for additional equipment. This gives clinicians access to electronic medical records no matter where they are in the facility. The power to the cart is provided by hot-swappable long life batteries that last three times longer than other types of batteries.

The batteries in these units have a quick charge time, ensuring there will always be continuous power to the mobile carts.

"With the increased need for computing at the bedside, information technology professionals are looking for ways to optimize their computer and cart investment. At JACO, we have been developing mobile carts for over 20 years. With the launch of the 300 UltraLite Series and its Power Blade power management system, we can help healthcare organizations keep their systems in use 24 hours a day, and significantly reduce their supply chain costs," said Noreen Rossini, president of JACO, Inc.

Some of the features of the 300 UltraLite Series mobile carts include: Lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum design, providing up to 10 years of use; Lightweight Design; Low Profile Base; Large Work Surface; Silent Casters; and Hidden Cable Management.

Edited by Braden Becker

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