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March 04, 2013

Cisco Surveys Video Healthcare Opinions

The next time you have to see a doctor, would you prefer to do it from the comfort of your home through video? According to a study from Cisco, most consumers would say “yes.”

In the survey, Cisco found that around half of the consumers they spoke to are open to the idea of virtually visiting their doctor. HCDMs are more comfortable, with around two-thirds of them comfortable with the idea.

There is also a difference in opinion in specific locations, as consumers in Japan and Germany are less comfortable with it overall than those in other locations. In North America, on the other hand, nearly 80 percent of all consumers are fine with submitting a complete medical history and diagnostic information, while 90 percent of Russian consumers feel the same.

When it comes to data protection, HCDMs tend to feel that the current protection is adequate, but consumers are less than confident. Regardless of how safe it currently is, this still indicates a need for greater security to help improve confidence in it.

Around 74 percent of the consumers said that they are comfortable with the idea of communicating with doctors through video technology, rather than in-person. Many are also fine with the idea of being treated by a specialist that way, particularly consumers in the U.S., Japan, and Germany.

However, one important thing that it found is that consumers are willing to do whatever it takes, whether it costs time, money, or convenience, to get the leading health expertise and trusted service that can ensure a healthy recovery. After all, there’s no point in cutting costs if it just gets you sick again – we can likely all agree that no matter how you get your healthcare, getting healthy and staying healthy are the most important things of all.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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