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February 27, 2013

Improving EMR Training with Audience Response Technology

Imagine that you’re a hospital administrator doing a PowerPoint presentation about electronic medical records (EMR). Within your PowerPoint presentation, you’ve embedded a quick quiz to help audience members check their understanding.

Your audience completes the quiz using their smartphones or ResponseCard keypads. You send them on a break, look at the quiz results and realize that many people failed to understand a key part of your presentation. While the staff takes a break, you reorder your slides so that you can review the concept they missed.

Scott Wanner, who coordinates Presentation Services and Event Logistics for St. Joseph Hospital in Chicago, has already implemented audience response technology like this into the hospital’s EMR training sessions.

He uses an audience polling software application called TurningPoint, which is produced by Turning Technologies.

“The people who are delivering presentations can use TurningPoint to make sure those listening understand the material,” Wanner explained. “They also use it to conduct employee surveys and create action plans using staff input. The real-time response information gives everyone a voice – even in very large groups.”

Outside of the conference room, Wanner’s team has used audience polling results to coordinate the rollout of EMRs with the technology team. By addressing employee concerns upfront, the technology team does a better job of managing change and increasing EMR acceptance.

St. Joseph has also incorporated TurningPoint into its residency programs. When physicians-in-training prepare for board exams, instructors can create quizzes that identify knowledge gaps before they start to cover other subjects.

Turning Technologies suggests a number of uses for its TurningPoint technology outside of healthcare. For example, industries that require continuing education can assess employees for knowledge as they work toward CEUs.

The technology can also allow presenters to bring in other audience members who aren’t present in the room. Offsite attendees can participate in polling and assessment using TurningPoint technology.

Overall, Wanner is happy with the results he sees from TurningPoint. “With TurningPoint, presenters can make sure everyone has an opportunity to provide input,” he said.

Edited by Braden Becker

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