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February 26, 2013

New Remote Monitoring System Allows Physicians to Monitor Patients On the Go

Preventice, Inc., the developer of mHealth solutions, has developed the BodyGuardian Remote Patient Monitoring System (also known as BodyGuardian RMS). Preventice is determined to capitalize on the emerging market of remote mobile healthcare solutions, and has put strategic partnerships in place to do so.

The company is currently partnered with companies such as Mayo Clinic, which develops the advanced algorithms that the BodyGuardian technology is based around.

For now, clinical trials are currently in progress in the United States and Europe to measure the effectiveness of the BodyGuardian RMS on remote clinical care delivery.

According to a recent report, Jon Otterstatter, cofounder, president and CEO at Preventice, the company has established an enviable ecosystem of partners that have allowed it to build a remote monitoring platform that is secure, reliable and scalable. This is important for the company, as a recent study by the 2012 Brookings Institution in 2012 predicts that remote monitoring technologies will save nearly $200 billion in medical expenses by monitoring chronic diseases in the U.S. over the next 25 years.

Although, a report by Frost and Sullivan published a few weeks ago implies that it is crucial for mobile technology companies in the health industry to provide significant data from clinical trials validating the effectiveness of their solutions.

Trials are currently being carried out with Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, Sanpietro clinic in Milan, Italy, and Bordeaux Hospital University Center (CHU) in France. The clinics are analyzing and quantifying the data with the intent to accurately measure the precise impacts of the advanced monitoring capabilities BodyGuard RMS has to offer. Some of the advanced features include remote transmission of ECG signals, on-demand event transmission, and the centralized analysis of significant amounts of incoming data.

New trials are also being organized to take place in 2013 at Mayo Clinic that will allow medical professionals to study the use of remote monitoring to manage hospital admissions for cardiac patients.

Edited by Braden Becker

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