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February 22, 2013

iSirona Passes HIMSS Interoperability at the 2013 IHE Connectathon with Flying Colors

iSirona, a company that develops software to integrate medical device data into electronic medical records has passed all interoperability requirements at the recently held annual IHE North America Connectathon.

Having met all the industry requirements iSirona solutions can now be featured in exclusive HIMSS Interoperability Showcase.

 "iSirona played a major role in two use cases at the Connectathon, notably one use case that involved sending data to an EMR located in Portugal," explains iSirona chief executive officer, Dave Dyell. "We are proud of that accomplishment, and we're also pleased that we achieved validation in just two days."

For long, healthcare sector had needed a structured environment that presented interoperability testing opportunities for interested healthcare IT companies and other stakeholders. Public health institutions, practicing physicians and hospitals came together under IHE global healthcare integration initiative to promote data exchange in a hitherto segregated landscape. IHE Connectathon was the largest interoperability testing event for healthcare IT industries. The event provided a stage and a thriving environment where companies test the ability of their solutions to communicate numerous IHE profiles.

iSirona was able to demonstrate its capacity and its software based medical device integration solution successfully. As a part of the Device Enterprise Communication (DEC) Integration Profile the solution can be connected to any device.

There are specific established standards in the IHE Technical framework which need to be followed to achieve integration goals for right patient care. iSirona’s DeviceConX software passed all the required tests. It successfully supports the communication of multi-modality patient care device data to enterprise applications using consistent semantics. The DeviceConX software is vendor-independent which will give a lot of flexibility to its users.

At the annual conference of HIMSS Interoperability Showcase at the HIMSS13 to be held in New Orleans next month iSirona will demonstrate its IHE-compliant connectivity solution. The conference will be held from 4th March to 7th March. Visitors will be able to see how iSIrona achieves interoperability with different devices and systems.

iSirona was ranked #1 for medical device integration systems in the Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services report for the second year, and Inc. Magazine named it the fifth fastest growing company in healthcare sector in America.

Edited by Rich Steeves

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