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February 22, 2013

Orange, Morpho Unveil First Mobile Identity Management System for Healthcare at Mobile World Congress

Orange and Morpho will present the world’s first mobile identity management system for healthcare at the Mobility World Congress, which is being held in Barcelona, Spain from Feb 25-28.

"We are very pleased to be at the forefront of the technological evolution of the healthcare sector, and we are confident that this solution will open up significant opportunities in the area of mobility and data security for healthcare professionals and their patients," said Thierry Zylberberg, director of Orange Healthcare.

“We are convinced that the e-health sector is a very promising area, where our technology in mobile identity services will bring real value to all sensitive medical e-services. Our joint solution with Orange will pave the way,” Maximilien Nguyen, Vice President Convergence & Solutions, Morpho, said.

The two companies, through Orange’s Almerys subsidiary, have already trialed the solution at the Clermont Ferrand University Hospital Center (CHU) in France. 

“We have chosen the identity authentication solution developed by Almerys, the Orange healthcare services entity, and Morpho because we think that this solution combines security, simplicity and mobility,” Casimir Boyer, director of Information Systems for the hospital, said. We strongly need mobile access to our applications for the day-to-day activity of our healthcare team and our partners for which the CHU handles the results of biological analyses or other medical exams and who need to have the results as soon as possible.”

The system allows doctors to securely review patient records over tablets. The tablet’s SIM card is tied to a unique ID given to the doctor by the identity management system. The doctor can log in to a secure website serving patient records with a phone number of a registered device and the doctor’s ID number.

Morpho provided the trusted identity portion of the joint identity management system. Orange’s portion was the SIM-based authentication mechanism. Orange is also monitoring the solution remotely through a secure network.

Edited by Rich Steeves

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